Where To Fish For Salmon In Wisconsin?

When can you fish for salmon in Wisconsin?

Fishing Wisconsin

Waters Dates for Hook and Line Harvest
Early inland trout waters Catch and Release 5 am on the first Saturday in January to the Friday preceding the First Saturday in May at midnight
General Inland Trout Season First Saturday in May from 5:00 AM to October 15.


Where is the best salmon fishing?

Here are ten of the best destinations for salmon fishing enthusiasts:

  • Kola Peninsula, Russia.
  • The Rivers in Iceland.
  • The Rivers in Canada.
  • Scotland.
  • Alaska, USA.
  • Washington, USA.
  • Norway.
  • South Island, New Zealand.

Where can I fish for salmon in Milwaukee?

1. Lakeshore State Park, Milwaukee – 1.2 mi., 4 min. (Brown trout, salmon, largemouth bass) Shore access. Extensive shore fishing throughout all of Lake Shore State Park.

Where can I find king salmon in Wisconsin?

The Pike River in Kenosha and the Root River in Racine are both major DNR King Salmon stocking sites. The Wisconsin state record is over 44lbs!

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What is the limit on salmon in Wisconsin?

The guys I know always stay two days and bring home 10 fish. Posession limit in WI is 2 limits. 5 fish per day, and you can have a total of 10, but you can’t keep 10 in a day (only 5). You can keep your 5 every day, as long as you never have more than 10 in posession.

Is it legal to snag salmon in Wisconsin?

Though it’s illegal to possess a leaded, large-gapped snag hook, many violators use ultra-sharp single hooks or small trebles tipped with preserved salmon eggs or a tuft of colorful yarn to foul-hook fish in low, clear water on upriver spawning sites.

What do you use for salmon fishing?

Salmon eggs are the top choice for bait, although sand shrimp are very popular for chinook salmon. Some anglers like to fish both at the same time. Marabou jigs (Photo 10) can be used instead of bait and can be especially effective on pink salmon, or other salmon when the water is very low and clear.

Does steelhead fight harder than salmon?

steelhead by using much lighter gear. Some steelhead do fight hard. Most salmon fight harder, but usually not as acrobatic in the air.

What triggers salmon to run?

The driving force behind a salmon’s migration to fresh water is reproduction. The beginning of the spawning cycle is determined primarily by water temperatures and when the critical temperatures are reached the salmon will be found on their spawning beds or redds.

Are there salmon in the Milwaukee River?

In the spring and fall, watch huge salmon fly up two rivers in Milwaukee to spawn with the city as a backdrop. In the 1960s, Milwaukee had an alewives problem. The fish—both Coho and Chinook salmon —were stocked into the Milwaukee and Menomonee Rivers.

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Where can I fish on the Milwaukee River?

The Milwaukee River near Caesar’s Park, just south of North Avenue is a prime spot for its abundance of steelhead fish. Since fishing in a current is very different than fishing in a lake, it is recommended that bobbers and egg sinkers be used to cast out into the current.

Where can I find Kokanee salmon in Wisconsin?

It states that fishing opportunities for Kokanee are limited in Wisconsin since neither Florence Lake or Upper Bass Lake have a public access, and Upper Bass Lake is entirely within the Menominee Indian Reservation, which is not open for fishing to the general public.

What kind of salmon are in Wisconsin?

Types of Salmon in Wisconsin

  • Chinook Salmon.
  • Coho Salmon.
  • Lake Trout.

Is there wild salmon in Wisconsin?

Coho salmon are now found in all the Great Lakes. In the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan, coho salmon are found from Kenosha north to Sturgeon Bay. The coho salmon is an extremely popular game fish found throughout the Great Lakes.

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