Where Is Hurley Wisconsin?

What is Hurley Wisconsin known for?

Hurley was a known gangster resort haven for mobsters in the twenties and thirties. In early November 1887, ten people were killed in a fire that started in a three-story theater and spread to other structures.

How many bars are in Hurley Wisconsin?

About 25 bars remain in Hurley. That includes five or six strip joints, which by city ordinance are confined to Silver Street’s Lower Block, next to the Montreal River. Mac’s Bar, 216 Silver St., opens at 6 a.m., mainly to serve coffee to the locals.

How far is Hurley Wisconsin from Wausau Wisconsin?

Distance from Hurley, WI to Wausau, WI There are 106.43 miles from Hurley to Wausau in southeast direction and 123 miles (197.95 kilometers) by car, following the US-51 route.

How much snow does Hurley Wisconsin have?

Snowmobiling Information Our average annual snowfall is 200 inches, but we’ve been known to top the 300 mark in past seasons. When it comes to the trails, the community is proud to say that they are kept in outstanding shape.

What is in Hurley WI?

Best Things To Do near Hurley, WI 54534

  • Little Finland. 2.3 mi. 1 review.
  • Idle Hour. 0.9 mi. 1 review.
  • Steep Creek Outfitters Whitecap Kayak. 2.4 mi. Rafting/Kayaking.
  • U P North Amusement. 1.6 mi. Amusement Parks.
  • Miners Memorial Heritage Park. 1.7 mi. Parks.
  • Ironwood Theatre. 1.5 mi. 2 reviews.
  • Timberline Sports. 29.6 mi. 5 reviews.
  • B & B Adventures of Mercer. 19.9 mi.
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How far is Ironwood Michigan from the Wisconsin border?

Ironwood, city, Gogebic county, western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S. Ironwood lies along the Montreal River at the Wisconsin border, some 90 miles (145 km) east of Duluth, Minn.

How did Kimball Wi get its name?

The town was named for Congressman Alanson M. Kimball. Charles R. Clark was the first postmaster when the post office opened in June 1889.

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