Readers ask: Who Is The Senator Of Wisconsin?

Who is our Wisconsin state senator?

Wisconsin State Senate

Wisconsin Senate
President of the Senate Chris Kapenga (R) since January 4, 2021
President pro tempore Patrick Testin (R) since January 4, 2021
Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R) since January 4, 2021
Minority Leader Janet Bewley (D) since April 24, 2020


What does Tammy Baldwin do?

/ Tammy Suzanne Green Baldwin (born February 11, 1962) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Wisconsin since January 2013.

Who represents Wisconsin in Congress?

Current members

District Representative Incumbency
1st Bryan Steil (R-Janesville) January 3, 2019 – present
2nd Mark Pocan (D-Madison) January 3, 2013 – present
3rd Ron Kind (D-La Crosse) January 3, 1997 – present
4th Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) January 3, 2005 – present


Who is one of the US senators from Wisconsin?

Tammy Baldwin (D) Wisconsin became the 30th state to join the Union on May 29, 1848.

How much does a state representative make in Wisconsin?

Salary and benefits Representatives elected or re-elected in the fall of 2016 receive an annual salary of $50,950. In addition to their salaries, representatives outside Dane County may receive up to $88 per day in living expenses while in Madison on state business.

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Who is the state legislature for Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Legislature

Wisconsin State Legislature
President of the Senate Chris Kapenga (R) since January 4, 2021
Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R) since January 4, 2021
Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos (R) since January 7, 2013
Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R) since January 5, 2015


How many House of Representatives are from Wisconsin?

List of members of the Wisconsinite United States House delegation, their terms, their district boundaries, and the districts’ political ratings according to the Cook Partisan Voting Index. The delegation has a total of 8 members, including 5 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

What district is Madison WI in?

Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district
Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district – since January 3, 2013.
Representative Mark Pocan D–Vermont
Area 3,511.41 sq mi (9,094.5 km2)
Distribution 75.65% urban 24.35% rural


Who is the senior senator from Wisconsin?

Ronald Harold Johnson (born April 8, 1955) is an American accountant, businessman, and politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Wisconsin.

Where does Ron Kind Live?

Personal life. Kind and his wife, Tawni, live in La Crosse.

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