Readers ask: Where Is Minong Wisconsin?

What does Minong mean?

Minong is the ancient Ojibwa name for Isle Royale. The meaning of “ minong ” was lost to us when European colonists to North American committed genocide on these people. has been obscured by maltreatment of Ojibwa culture, though it likely refers to Isle Royale’s ancient namesake, “The Place of Blue Berries.”

How did Minong Wisconsin get its name?

Minong is a name derived from the Ojibwe language, referring to the high hill or moraine that was geologically formed just south of town. A post office called Minong has been in operation since 1887. The village was laid out in 1888.

Are Washburn County snowmobile trails open?

All Washburn County Snowmobile Trails remain open at this time with good snow conditions.

Where is Jack Link’s Beef Jerky made?

In addition to their original facility in Minong, Wisconsin, the company also has facilities across the Midwest such as in New Glarus, Wisconsin; Alpena, South Dakota; Mankato, Minnesota; Laurens, Iowa; Underwood, Iowa and Bellevue, Nebraska; and its marketing office in Minneapolis.

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