Readers ask: Where Is Genoa City Wisconsin?

Is there a real Genoa City Wisconsin?

Genoa City is a village located in Kenosha and Walworth counties in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, 43 mi (69 km) south-southwest of Milwaukee, located on the Illinois– Wisconsin border. The population was 3,042 at the 2010 census.

How far is Genoa City WI from Milwaukee WI?

The total driving distance from Genoa City, WI to Milwaukee, WI is 64 miles or 103 kilometers.

What county is Genoa City in Wisconsin?

Welcome to Genoa City -The “Gateway to Wisconsin “! Genoa City is a village located mostly in Walworth County, with a handful of parcels in Kenosha County. The village has a total area of 2.34 square miles, all of it land. As of the 2010 census, Genoa City has 1,072 households with an average size of 2.82 individuals.

Where is the fictional town of Genoa City?

Genoa City is a Midwestern city located in the state of Wisconsin. It is home to several large corporations, powerful families and the fictional setting for the Soap Opera the Young and the Restless.

Is Genoa City Safe?

With an annual crime rate of only 3 per one thousand people, the chance of becoming a victim of crime here is just 1 in 299. These crime statistics put Genoa City in the elite group of the safest communities in the nation, and safer than approximately 88% of the cities and towns in Wisconsin.

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Where is Wisconsin on the US map?

Wisconsin is located in the north-central USA, in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. It shares border with Lake Superior to the north, Iowa to the southwest, Lake Michigan to the east, Illinois to the south, Minnesota to the west and Michigan to the northeast. Where is Wisconsin located?

State Wisconsin
Currency United States Dollar (USD)


What is the zip code for Genoa City Wisconsin?

Zip code 53128 is primarily located in Walworth County. Portions of 53128 are also located in Kenosha County. The official US Postal Service name for 53128 is GENOA CITY, Wisconsin.

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