Readers ask: What Is The Poverty Line In Wisconsin?

What is considered low income in Wisconsin?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, which runs the state’s FoodShare program, low income for a single person household in 2018 is 100 percent of FPL or $1005 per month. For a household of four people low income is $2,050 per month. For a household of ten it’s $4,142 per month.

What is the federal poverty level for 2020 in Wisconsin?

Group Size 100% 250%*
One $12,760 $31,900
Two 17,240 43,100
Three 21,720 54,300


What defines poverty in Wisconsin?

For a family of four, an income of below about $25,000 puts a family below the poverty line. In Wisconsin, the share of people age 18 to 64 who live in poverty is 10.8%, and for people age 65 and older, the rate is 7.9%.

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What is the income for federal poverty level?

48 border states and D.C.

People in your household 2021 federal poverty level Medicaid eligibility (138% of the FPL )
1 $12,880 $17,774
2 $17,420 $24,040
3 $21,960 $30,305
4 $26,500 $36,570

What is the income limit for food stamps in Wisconsin?

Effective January 1 through September 30, 2021:

Household Size *200% FPL Gross Income Limit 165% FPL Gross Income Limit ****Separate Household
1 $2,128 $1,755
2 $2,874 $2,371
3 $3,620 $2,987
4 $4,368 $3,603

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Wisconsin?

In any case, a family of four could live comfortably on a little more than $4,000 a month or approximately $48,000 per year. This would include all expenses such as mortgage and car payments, school feeds, food, utilities, and miscellaneous.

What is the federal poverty guideline for 2020?


Persons in family/household Poverty guideline
1 $12,760
2 $17,240
3 $21,720
4 $26,200

What is middle class in WI?

In Wisconsin, households must earn a minimum of $26,319 per year to be considered middle class, with the upper earnings boundary set at $108,377, according to a new 24/7 Wall St. analysis. The total share of household income in Wisconsin controlled by middle – class earners is 48.4%, 24/7 Wall St. reports.

How much can you make and still get BadgerCare?

View coronavirus (COVID-19) resources on Visit for live updates. Who is eligible for Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus?

Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $38,640
2 $52,260
3 $65,880
4 $79,500

What is the poorest county in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s Ashland County is the state’s poorest, with a median annual household income of $42,510, compared to a state median of $61,747. Among the county’s 15,600 residents, 17.4% live below the poverty line, compared to 11.3% of state residents and 13.4% of Americans.

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Is Wisconsin a poor state?

About 10% (10.2%) of the Wisconsin population was poor in 2017, as measured by the Wisconsin Poverty Measure (WPM) developed by IRP researchers. The map below shows the counties in the state where the poverty rate was higher, lower, or similar to the statewide average.

Is Wisconsin a good state to live in?

Is Wisconsin a great place to live? Wisconsin is considered a great place to live for its good schools, easily affordable big cities, beautiful natural vistas, and midwestern hospitality. The cities of Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Appleton remain some of the top spots to raise a family in the United States.

What is 200% of the federal poverty level for 2020?

48 Contiguous States and D.C.

Persons in Household 48 Contiguous States and D.C. Poverty Guidelines (Annual)
100% 200 %
1 $12,760 $25,520
2 $17,240 $34,480
3 $21,720 $43,440

How is the federal poverty level calculated?

The Census Bureau determines poverty status by using an official poverty measure (OPM) that compares pre-tax cash income against a threshold that is set at three times the cost of a minimum food diet in 1963 and adjusted for family size. There were 40.6 million people in poverty.

What is 400 percent of the federal poverty level?

48 Contiguous States

# of Persons in Household 2021 Federal Poverty Level for the 48 Contiguous States (Annual Income)
100% 400 %
1 $12,880 $51,520
2 $17,420 $69,680
3 $21,960 $87,840

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