Readers ask: What Is The Biggest Lake In Wisconsin?

What are the five biggest lakes in Wisconsin?

  • Lake Winnebago. Wisconsin’s largest lake – at 137,708 acres – is Lake Winnebago.
  • Petenwell Lake. At 23,040 acres, Wisconsin’s Petenwell Lake formed by a hydroelectric dam on the Wisconsin River.
  • Chippewa Flowage.
  • Castle Rock Lake.

What is the biggest inland lake in Wisconsin?

Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s largest inland lake and, arguably, its most important fishery. The walleye fishing on Lake Winnebago is widely thought to be some of the best in the country.

What are the 10 largest lakes in Wisconsin?

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Lake Name Area in acres
Lake Geneva ( Wisconsin, USA) 5,262
Lac Courte Oreilles ( Wisconsin, USA) 5,039
Lake Puckaway ( Wisconsin, USA) 5,039
Lake Winneconne ( Wisconsin, USA) 4,507


What is the second largest inland lake in Wisconsin?

Lake Petenwell is Wisconsin’s second largest lake at 23,040 acres or approximately 36 square miles.

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What is the cleanest lake in Wisconsin?

Black Oak Lake Is Wisconsin’s Clearest Lake | Only In Your State.

What is the cleanest river in Wisconsin?

The Mukwonago River is one of the cleanest and most biologically diverse streams in southeastern Wisconsin. The river is part of the Mukwonago River Watershed which spans 47,500 acres through and around the town of Mukwonago.

Where is the cleanest water in Wisconsin?

Geneva Lake The beautiful spring-fed Geneva Lake is one of the most pristine and cleanest lakes in all of Wisconsin, which is why it is a popular area for cottage homes and beautiful lakefront resorts. The clear lake has more than 5,000 acres for swimming, boating, fishing, and relaxing shoreside.

What is the deepest lake in Wisconsin?

Green Lake has 27 miles of shoreline. With a depth of approximately 237 feet, the lake is the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin.

Which county in Wisconsin has the most lakes?

The depth in feet of Wisconsin’s deepest inland lake, Wazee Lake, east of Black River Falls. The number of lakes in Vilas County, making it the county with the most. The number of documented lakes in Wisconsin.

Where are the fish biting in Wisconsin?

The most active fishing spots in Wisconsin

  • Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes wholly within the borders of the United States; the
  • Lake Geneva.
  • Delavan Lake.
  • Lake Wisconsin.

What is the deepest lake in the United States?

At 1,943 feet (592 meters), Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and one of the deepest in the world.

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Which US state has the most lakes?

In fact, Alaska is the state with the most lakes, with an estimated 3 million, although most of them don’t have names.

How Clean is Green Lake in Wisconsin?

Water quality issues Green Lake is not alone in its water quality challenges. In Wisconsin, 1,437 bodies of water are classified as impaired because they fail to meet optimal water quality standards. Of those, 562 have high concentrations of phosphorus, and 149 have low concentrations of dissolved oxygen.

How Deep Is Big Green Lake in Wisconsin?

Green Lake is a 7920 acre lake located in Green Lake County. It has a maximum depth of 236 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings, public beaches.

Is Green Lake in Wisconsin man made?

At 72.24 m (237.0 ft) deep and with a volume of 0.9390 km3 (761,300 acre⋅ft), Green Lake is the deepest natural inland lake in the state and second-largest by volume. Only Lake Wazee, a man – made lake, is deeper, and only Lake Winnebago has a larger volume.

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