Readers ask: How To Get A Wisconsin Drivers License?

How do I transfer my drivers license to Wisconsin?

If you have an out-of-state driver’s license, you’ll need to have it transferred within 60 days of becoming a resident of Wisconsin. When you go to visit the DMV, you’ll need to give them your current driver’s license, pass a vision exam, and pay the fee.

How do I get a Wisconsin driver’s license?

Steps to get your Wisconsin driver license

  1. Meet licensing requirements.
  2. Pass the knowledge, vision, and driving skills tests.
  3. Apply.
  4. Pay fees.
  5. Receive your card by mail.

What qualifies as proof of residency Wisconsin?

All documents presented for proof of Wisconsin residency must contain your name and current Wisconsin address. Valid Wisconsin hunting or fishing license. Medical billing statement from doctor or hospital. Service welcome letters: includes bank, credit card, utility and others.

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How much does a Wisconsin drivers license cost?

Driver licensing fees

Regular driver license (DL): Fees
Original regular (Class D) (8 year) $34
Renewal (8 year) (see renewal note below) $34
Duplicate $14
Occupational $50

How long do you need to live in Wisconsin to be considered a resident?

Determining Residency In general, you must be a bona fide resident of Wisconsin for at least 12 continuous months prior to enrollment to be eligible for resident tuition. Students who come to and remain in Wisconsin primarily for educational purposes are presumed to continue to reside outside the state.

How much does it cost to change residency to Wisconsin?

Regardless of these factors, you will pay a $69.50 title fee. You do not need to pass an emission test to receive Wisconsin registration, but you will need to pass an emission test within 45 days of receiving your registration.

How much does a Wisconsin real ID cost?

Q: What is the cost of the REAL ID? A: To get a new REAL ID, the cost is $15. However, if your driver license or state ID is up for renewal, there is no cost for the REAL ID upgrade if done at the same time as your renewal.

Can I get a Wisconsin drivers license online?

Present a completed Driver License ApplicationMV3001​ The MV3001 is available at all DMV Customer Service Centers. You may complete the MV3001 online, print and take it to a DMV Customer Service Center.

How long does it take to get a drivers license in Wisconsin?

You should receive your driver license or ID card within 10 business days.

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How do I prove residency without bills?

If you don’t have any utility bills, you can still prove your residency through other means. You can use a combination of your license, tax documents, bank statements, lease agreements, and other official paperwork. The essential factor is that the form of proof shows your address and name.

What documents do I need for a Wisconsin real ID?

What should I bring to DMV to get a REAL ID?

  • Proof of Name and Date of Birth.
  • Proof of Legal Presence in the U.S.
  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of Name Change (if applicable)
  • Proof of Address (two forms )
  • Provide your Social Security Number.

How can I get proof of address without bills?

Proof of Address

  1. Valid Driver’s License.
  2. Property Tax Receipt.
  3. Posted Mail with name of applicant.
  4. Utility Bill.
  5. Lease Agreement or mortgage statement.
  6. Insurance Card.
  7. Voter Registration Card.
  8. College Enrollment Papers.

Do you need a birth certificate to renew your license in Wisconsin?

Proof of name and date of birth. Proof of citizenship or legal status in the U.S. Proof of identity. If you present a valid U.S. passport in your current name, proof of name change history is not required.

Is there a grace period for expired driver license in Wisconsin?

If the license is expired, the online system remains an option for up to one year post- expiration, with a $5 late fee. Drivers who want to upgrade to a REAL- ID -compliant product will need to visit a DMV customer service center with the proper documents to enroll.

What do you need to get your temps in Wisconsin?


  1. Provide proof of U.S. citizenship, legal permanent resident status, conditional resident status or temporary visitor status.
  2. Provide proof of name and date of birth​.
  3. Provide proof of identity​.
  4. Provide proof of Wisconsin residency if you are 18 years of age or older.

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