Quick Answer: Where Is Fremont Wisconsin?

How did Fremont WI get its name?

It was cold and drafty during the school season. The school received it name due to a colony of beavers that were building a dam in the area. Jacob Steiger purchased the old log building for $20.00 and then turned around and sold the timber to the Town of Fremont for the new building.

What does Weyauwega stand for?

Weyauwega, Wisconsin is pronounced Y-O-Wega. Did the name originate from the Indians and means “Here We Rest” or “Today”?

What does the word Waupaca mean?

“ Waupaca ” is an Menominee word, Wāpahkoh, which means Place of Tomorrow Seen Clearly. The first white settlers, five men from Vermont, came to Waupaca looking for “the falls” in 1849.

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