Quick Answer: Where Is Boscobel Wisconsin?

How far is Boscobel from Madison Wisconsin?

There are 65.93 miles from Boscobel to Madison in east direction and 82 miles (131.97 kilometers) by car, following the US-18 route.

What county is Boscobel WI in?

The city of Boscobel is located in Grant County in southwest Wisconsin. Boscobel is located at the intersection of US Hwy 61 and WI State Hwy 133. The Wisconsin River flows along the north side of the city. County Size: 1,144 sq.

What is Boscobel Wisconsin known for?

The town is famous as the birthplace of the Gideon Bible; the two Christian traveling salesmen who founded the Gideon Society met and conceived the Society in the town’s Central House – now the Boscobel Hotel.

How far is Prairie du Chien from Boscobel Wisconsin?

There are 22.72 miles from Boscobel to Prairie Du Chien in southwest direction and 29 miles (46.67 kilometers) by car, following the WI -60 route. Boscobel and Prairie Du Chien are 40 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Where in Wisconsin is Viroqua?

Viroqua is a town in Vernon County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 1,560 at the 2000 census. The City of Viroqua is located within the town. Viroqua (town), Wisconsin.

Viroqua, Wisconsin
State Wisconsin
County Vernon
• Total 48.4 sq mi (125.3 km2)
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How did Boscobel Wisconsin get its name?

King referred in the most flattering terms to the new station, speaking of it as Boscobel, the name being said to have its derivation from the words “bosc,” wood, and “belle,” beautiful. However this may be, the name, once given was accepted, and retained to the present day.

What is the turkey capital of Wisconsin?

Boscobel calls itself the “wild turkey hunting capital of Wisconsin “.

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