Quick Answer: When Does Fishing Season Open In Wisconsin?

When can I start fishing in Wisconsin?

Fishing Regulations for Wisconsin Slough

Fish Season
Panfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish, crappie and yellow perch) Open All Year
Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass June 19, 2021 to March 6, 2022
Smallmouth bass May 1, 2021 to June 18, 2021
Largemouth bass May 1, 2021 to June 18, 2021


Is it legal to fish in Wisconsin right now?

Wisconsin residents who are 16 years old or older need a fishing license to fish in any waters of the state. A driver’s license or social security number is required to purchase a license. (See the Guide to Wisconsin Spearing, Netting, and Bait Harvest Regulations, 2020-2021 for additional regulations).

Is walleye season open in Wisconsin?

Be sure to view Using these tables and definitions for help in reading these tables. Fishing Wisconsin.

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Waters Dates for Hook and Line Harvest
General Inland Waters First Saturday in May to the first Sunday in March of the following year


Can you catch and release bass out of season in Wisconsin?

Chief among them is a statewide regulation that allows anglers to catch-and-release largemouth and smallmouth bass any time of year. As with most regulations, some waters have closed bass seasons or refuges; anglers should consult the county section of the DNR’s 2020-21 fishing pamphlet for exceptions.

Do I need to carry my fishing license in Wisconsin?

Starting this spring, hunters and anglers in Wisconsin will no longer have to carry a paper license with them when they’re in the woods or on the water. Once their electronic license is approved, all a person would need to carry with them in the field is a valid driver’s license.

What can you fish for in Wisconsin right now?

Fish species list

  • Bass, largemouth and smallmouth.
  • Bass, white.
  • Bass, yellow.
  • Bluegill (Panfish)
  • Catfish (channel, flathead)
  • Cisco (Lake herring)
  • Crappie (Panfish)
  • Gobies.

Can you fish with 2 rods in Wisconsin?

Fishing Wisconsin The regulation governing this part of Wisconsin fishing is not written in terms of the number or poles / rods /lines. It reads, “No person may do any of the following fish with more than three (3) hooks, baits or lures.” 1 pole with 2 baits and 1 pole with 1 bait, or.

How many lines can I fish with in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, the current fishing regulations stipulate an individual angler is allowed to fish with up to 3 lines concurrently.

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What is the legal size for bass in Wisconsin?


Can you keep walleye in Wisconsin right now?

Fishing Wisconsin The total statewide daily bag limit is five walleye. In the Ceded Territory, no more than three walleye may be taken from any individual water, but you can fish other waters to fill your statewide total daily bag limit of 5.

Is it illegal to take driftwood in Wisconsin?

With water-levels approaching record lows along the Great Lakes and some inland waterways, driftwood is becoming more abundant on many shorelines. But state officials warn the removal of driftwood is illegal, and violators could face fines.

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in Wisconsin?

Yes, senior citizens (65 years & older ) need a fishing license in Wisconsin.

What is the fine for fishing without a license in Wisconsin?

Fishing without a valid Wisconsin fishing license carries a penalty of at least $100. Fines vary from county to county, but you can expect to pay a hefty sum for breaking the rules.

Can you use bluegill for bait in Wisconsin?

Fishing Wisconsin Fish other than minnows may be used as bait. Typically, bluegills and perch are used in this fashion. Only fish caught in that water can be used as bait on that water, unless they are dead and have been preserved by a method that does not require refrigeration or freezing.

Can I catch and release out of season?

According to the fishing guide: “A person may not fish for a species (even if immediately released ) during the closed season for that species on a given water. Fish caught during the closed season must be unhooked and released immediately. They may not be handled for any other purpose, including taking a picture.”

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