Quick Answer: How To Transfer Boat Title In Wisconsin?

How much does it cost to transfer a boat title in Wisconsin?


Motorized boats 40 foot and over in length $100
Non-motorized sailboats $17
Voluntary registration $11
Registration transfer fee $3.75

Do you need a title for a boat in Wisconsin?

What boats are titled in Wisconsin. Effective February 1, 1989, the owner of a boat, 16 feet in length or greater, in Wisconsin, whether or not the boat is operated on the waters of this state, is required to hold a certificate of title.

What paperwork do I need to sell a boat in Wisconsin?

Required Documents

  • A completed a Boat Registration and Titling Application (Form 9400-193).
  • A Boat Bill of Sale.
  • The original certificate of title signed over by the seller.
  • If the boat was subject to a lien, a lien release from the seller.
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How do you sell a boat with title?

If you decide to sell your boat /vessel, you need to:

  1. Give the Certificate of Ownership to the person who buys it. Make sure you sign the certificate on the front.
  2. Contact the DMV within five days of the sale and fill out a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (REG 138) form.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a used boat in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin sales and rentals of watercraft, such as boats and jet skis, are subject to Wisconsin state sales taxes. * When a watercraft is stored or docked in Wisconsin, use tax is due on the purchase price of the watercraft. This applies to both new and used watercraft.

How much does it cost to transfer a title in Wisconsin?

Vehicle title fees

​Vehicle titles ​Fees
​ Title – Original or transfer of title ​$164.50 for original title or title transfer $157 for a low speed vehicle $0 (no fee ) for title transfer to a surviving spouse or registered domestic partner
​ Title – replacement ​$20

Can I register a boat without title in Wisconsin?

To register and title the boat, the DNR will need the original signed Certificate of Title if the boat is coming from a state that titles boats or a current registration card if the boat is coming from a state that does not title boats.

Do boat trailers have titles in Wisconsin?

Gross weight trailers, including boat trailers ​A title and registration is required for trailers operated over 3,000 pounds. A title and registration is not required for trailers operated at or less than 3,000 pounds gross weight unless used for hire or rental.

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Can passengers drink on a boat in Wisconsin?

Can I drink and boat? State law says you can ‘t be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while behind the wheel, whether you’re on a boat or in a car. Bonus: You also can ‘t drink and surfboard, or drink and water ski according to Wisconsin state law.

What do you need to drive a boat in Wisconsin?

You can obtain your Wisconsin Boating Safety Certificate in 4 easy steps:

  1. Pay the one-time course fee of $29.95—free unlimited retries of the final exam.
  2. Study the Wisconsin Boating Safety Course and take the final exam.
  3. Contact the DNR office to receive a DNR number if you do not already have one.

What do you do when you sell a boat?

Here are the basic steps to follow when selling your boat: Research the price of similar boats taking make, model, size, and age into consideration. Decide on an asking price. Advertise your boat for sale. Show the boat and seal the deal.

Does a 12ft jon boat need to be registered?

All motorized vessels and sailboats over 12 foot in length must be registered and titled. All non-motorized vessels regardless of length (except sailboats over 12 foot in length) do not require registration or title and are except from tax.

How long do you have to transfer a boat title?

You must transfer your registration and title within 90 days and pay use tax or new resident tax, as applicable, within 45 working days. I bought a boat and/or outboard motor that’s registered and/or titled in another state.

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How much is boat insurance a month?

Average cost of boat insurance from Allstate is about $20 a month, according to Allstate.

How do you write a bill of sale for a boat?

A boat bill of sale should include:

  1. The name, address and contact information for the buyer;
  2. The name, address and contact information for the seller;
  3. A description of the boat —brand, model, year of manufacture, length, Hull Identification Number (HIN);
  4. State registration number.

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