Quick Answer: How Much Is Wisconsin Athletic Club Membership?

How much is a Milwaukee Athletic Club membership?

The monthly dues of this level of membership are $199 for the entire family for Members of either club.

How do I cancel my Wisconsin athletic club membership?

If you would like to discontinue your membership at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, please contact our Business Services team at 414.328. 1300.

Who owns Wisconsin Athletic Club?

It is locally owned and operated by partners Keith Nygren, Ray O’Connor, Chez Misko and Keith Mardak.

Can you bring guests to the WAC?

Q: Are members allowed to bring guests? A: Members receive 4 guest pass when signing up for membership. Members are allowed to bring a guest indoors for $15 a visit or $10 for a pool guest.

What is elite club membership?

EliteClub is one of the world’s most prestigious business clubs that offers its members an exclusive international business network of successful and like-minded people. Our mission is to create an environment where dreams come true and where our exclusive members get the opportunity to live a life without limits.

How much does a MAC membership cost?

The initiation fee is approximately $5500 for an individual member, and monthly dues thereafter are around $298. Multnomah Athletic Club.

2020 MAC Winged M
Abbreviation M.A.C.
Coordinates 45.5206°N 122.6927°WCoordinates:45.5206°N 122.6927°W
Membership 17,158 (residential members )
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How do I freeze my WAC membership?

Members who cannot take advantage of their membership for a period of time may place it on freeze. If you would like to place your membership on freeze, please contact Member Services at your Club or call our Business Services team at 414.328. 1300.

Can gyms reopen in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin gyms reopen with capacity limits and disinfectant. Gyms across Wisconsin are starting to reopen for the first time in two months as restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus are lifted. Expect spray bottles of disinfectant everywhere. Face coverings are recommended.

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