Quick Answer: How Far Is Kenosha Wisconsin From Chicago?

What is Kenosha Wisconsin known for?

Kenosha is the world headquarters for companies like Jockey International, Inc. (founded in 1876) and Snap-on Incorporated (founded in 1920). Kenosha is home to a number of famous faces including actors Mark Ruffalo, Orson Welles, Al Molinaro, Daniel J.

How long does it take to drive from Chicago to Kenosha Wisconsin?

How long is the drive from Chicago, IL to Kenosha, WI? The total driving time is 1 hour, 12 minutes.

How far is Kenosha from Chi?

There are 49.79 miles from Chicago to Kenosha in northwest direction and 65 miles (104.61 kilometers) by car, following the I-94 W route. Chicago and Kenosha are 1 hour 10 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Chicago, IL to Kenosha, WI. The halfway point is Mettawa, IL.

How far is Kenosha from downtown Chicago?

66 miles / 106 km

City: round-trip one-way
Check- in:
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What’s the safest city in Wisconsin?

Waterford Town is the new safest city in Wisconsin, topping the list with 0 reported violent crimes, and just 24 reported property crimes. No city reported more than 10 total violent crimes. Hobart-Lawrence had the most with only 8.

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What are the most dangerous cities in Wisconsin?

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Wisconsin

  • Madison. Av9/Wikimedia.
  • La Crosse. Wikideas1/Wikimedia.
  • Beloit. Visit Beloit/Wikimedia.
  • Superior. Nfarmakes/Wikimedia.
  • Antigo. Royalbroil/Wikimedia.
  • Shawano. Royalbroil/Wikipedia.
  • Ashland. Ann Althouse/Flickr.
  • Milwaukee. Trizkutt/Wikimedia.

What train goes from Kenosha to Chicago?

Operated by Metra, the Kenosha to Chicago train service departs from Kenosha and arrives in Chicago OTC. Typically 41 trains run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance. The schedules shown below are for the next available departures.

How far is Kenosha from the Illinois border?

Kenosha is also near the Illinois state border; Chicago in Illinois is 66.4 miles or 106.9 kilometers away. Kenosha Summary: The coordinates for Kenosha are 42.584742 -87.8211854. The America/Chicago timezone is observed in Kenosha. Kenosha Distances.

Nearby Location(s): 18
Nearest Location: 5.9 Mi (9.5 Km)

How far is Milwaukee from Chicago?

The total driving distance from Chicago, IL to Milwaukee, WI is 92 miles or 148 kilometers.

Does Amtrak go to Kenosha Wisconsin?

It is the only passenger station in Kenosha County, since Amtrak ‘s closest station is in Sturtevant. The station is linked to Kenosha’s streetcar system, which stops on the far side of the station’s parking lot.

How far is Racine from Chicago?

The total driving distance from Racine, WI to Chicago, IL is 76 miles or 122 kilometers.

How far is Kenosha to Milwaukee?

Distance between Milwaukee and Kenosha is 51 kilometers (32 miles). Driving distance from Milwaukee to Kenosha is 65 kilometers (40 miles).

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