Question: Where Is Little Chute Wisconsin?

What is Little Chute Wisconsin known for?

The Oneota are believed to be the ancestors of the Winnebago or Ho-chunk tribe. A historical marker near Little Chute commemorates THE TREATY OF THE CEDARS, a treaty which ceded 4 million acres of Native American land to the US government.

Little Chute, Wisconsin


How far is Grand Chute Wisconsin from Milwaukee Wisconsin?

Distance from Grand Chute, WI to Milwaukee, WI There are 89.88 miles from Grand Chute to Milwaukee in southeast direction and 105 miles (168.98 kilometers) by car, following the I-41 and US-41 route.

Is Grand Chute a city or town?

Grand Chute (French: great fall or “large rapids”) is a town in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, United States. The unincorporated community of Apple Creek is partially located in the town. With a population of 22,249, Grand Chute was the largest town by population in the state of Wisconsin as of 2015.

When was Little Chute Wisconsin founded?

The Village of Little Chute history documents provide visitors to this page information on the Village prior to Incorporation and after the Village Incorporated in 1899.

How did Grand Chute get its name?

Until 1848, all of what is now Appleton was called Grand Chute, after the rushing falls of the Fox River. Reeder Smith was the first person to use the name Appleton to describe the community surrounding the Lawrence Institute. He chose the name to honor the wife of Mr. Lawrence.

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What cities are in the Fox Valley?

The Fox Valley The Fox Cities comprises four cities — Appleton, Neenah, Menasha and Kaukauna—and other surrounding townships and villages.

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