Question: Where Is Grantsburg Wisconsin?

What is Grantsburg Wisconsin known for?

​ Grantsburg is known as the “Gateway to Crex Meadows”. Crex Meadows is the largest wildlife area in Wisconsin. Grantsburg is also an access point to the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway which provides over two hundred miles of pristine, picturesque river setting.

What restaurants are in Grantsburg Wisconsin?

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  • Burnett Dairy. 118 reviewsClosed Now.
  • Country Cafe on Main. 26 reviewsClosed Now.
  • The Drive-In Restaurant. 34 reviewsClosed Now.
  • T-Dawgs Bar & Grill. 38 reviewsCloses in 23 min.
  • Mia Mangia. 8 reviews.
  • Pizza Place. 4 reviews.
  • Kozy Kitchen. 19 reviews.
  • The Wake-Up Call Coffee House. 9 reviewsClosed Now.

How did Grantsburg WI get its name?

Grantsburg was selected as the county seat by the state legislature and was named after General Ulysses S. Grant’s victory at Vicksburg. County functions were carried out in the schoolhouse. The application to incorporate the Village of Grantsburg was in 1886.

What restaurants are in Siren Wisconsin?

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  • Tesora. 141 reviewsClosed Now.
  • Adventures Restaurant – Siren. 126 reviewsClosed Now.
  • Gary’s Rude Cafe. 40 reviews.
  • Chattering Squirrel. 23 reviewsClosed Now.
  • Pour House. 72 reviewsClosed Now.
  • The Pheasant Inn & Sports Bar. 25 reviewsOpen Now.
  • Dairy Queen Grill & Chill. 13 reviews.
  • Last Call Bar-n-Grill. 8 reviews.

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