Question: How Many Tolls From Chicago To Wisconsin Dells?

How much are the tolls between Chicago and Milwaukee?

Straight to downtown there are two tolls. About $3 & $2. It’s half price with the I pass.

How much are tolls on i90 in Illinois?

Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) – 2021 Rates By Toll Plaza

Toll Plaza Name and Plaza Number All Times (Cash)
Illinois Route 25* 13 $1.10
Illinois Route 59 Westbound Exit* 16A $0.90
Illinois Route 59 Eastbound Exit* 14 $0.60


What are the tolls on I 80 in Illinois?

How much is the i 80 toll? The toll rate for passenger cars is $6. During peak traffic hours (Monday through Friday between 5 a.m.-10 a.m. and 3 p.m.-7 p.m), 3+ carpools and motorcycles pay a toll of $3.

How much are the tolls from Chicago to Florida?

How many tolls for Chicago to Florida?

Origin Chicago, Illinois
Destination Miami Florida
Number of tolls 1
Toll Costs for Car $ 3.25
Fuel Costs for Car (25 MPG) $121.46
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How do I calculate tolls for a trip?

To calculate the toll for a trip, select an entry point and an exit point on the network.

  1. Touch a marker icon on the map to see its name and any access restrictions.
  2. To view a close-up map, touch the “Show” button.
  3. Set the point as entry or touch a different marker on the map.

How much is Chicago toll?

Toll Rates

# OF AXLES PEAK TIMES 4am – 8pm OFF-PEAK TIMES 8pm – 4am
3 $20.40 $14.60
4 $27.20 $19.50
5 $34.00 $24.30
6 $40.80 $29.20

Can I drive through Illinois tolls and pay later?

You can pay tolls on Illinois Tollway roads using an electronic I-PASS tag or with Cash. You can also pay later online if you pass through an unattended cash plaza or an all-electronic toll plaza. I-Pass allows you to save up to 50% on the tolls.

Do you have to pay tolls in Illinois right now?

Drivers on the Illinois Tollway system are required to pay unpaid tolls online. Customers who do not have I-PASS are required to pay their missed tolls online within 14 days.

Can Google Maps calculate tolls?

Google maps does not show tolls. However, it indicates presence of toll roads in turn-by-turn direction. You can use Tollguru™ Toll Calculator to see tolls on Google maps for all the logical routes between your origin and destination.

Are there any tolls in Indiana?

The Indiana Toll Road (ITRCC) or I-80/90 extends 157 miles across the northernmost part of Indiana from its border with Ohio to the Illinois State Line. The Indiana Toll Road is operated and maintained by ITR Concession Co.

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Where are the tolls in Illinois?

How to Use: Tolls are paid at toll plazas located along the route. Manned toll plazas where drivers can pay cash are found at Waukegan, Edens Spur, Touhy Avenue, Irving Park Road ( Illinois Road 19), Cermak Road (22nd Street), 82nd Street, 83rd Street, and 163rd Street.

How do I pay Illinois tolls?

While I-PASS is still the best, most cost -effective way to pay tolls on the Illinois Tollway, Pay By Plate is built on the I-PASS payment platform, giving you a range of payment options while ensuring you avoid costly fines and fees, all without a transponder.

Does WAZE calculate tolls?

Because toll prices in Waze are estimations, they don’t replace actual prices set by the toll operators, which are published on their websites and road signs. Waze does not calculate toll prices for congestion-based toll roads where prices vary depending on traffic.

How do you set Google maps to avoid toll roads?

Instructions for Android Phones That should open the directions in Google Maps. Click the icon with the 3 dots in the top right corner, and choose “Route options” from the dropdown menu. In the Route options, you can check any of the boxes to avoid highways /motorways, toll roads, or ferries.

How do you pay toll roads in the US?

Tolls incurred on The Toll Roads can be paid using:

  1. FasTrak® Prepaid – Tolls are prepaid and eligible for a discount.
  2. FasTrak Charge – Tolls are charged individually to the credit card on file.
  3. FasTrak Invoice – Tolls are accumulated onto a monthly invoice (for a $2 fee )

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