Often asked: Why Wisconsin Recount?

When can recount be requested?

When must a recount request be made? A voter may file a recount request within five days beginning on the 31st day after a statewide election, or within five days following completion of any post canvass risk-limiting audit conducted pursuant to Elections Code section 15560. (Elections Code ยง 15621(a).)

How votes are counted in Wisconsin?

All ballots are counted on election day. Wisconsin election officials track who voted on election day through meticulously maintained poll books. Voters then mark the ballot and place the ballot in the tabulator where it is counted towards the election results. Absentee ballots are also processed on election day.

Who is on the Wisconsin Election Commission?

Current Commissioners

Position Name Appointer
Commissioner Julie M. Glancey Governor
Commissioner Dean Knudson Assembly Speaker
Commissioner Robert F. Spindell Jr. Senate Majority Leader

How long does a recount take?

Most counties can recount all ballots in one day. Some counties may take two days. King County will need approximately four days to recount all ballots.

What triggers a recount in Michigan?

A candidate for office who believes he or she is aggrieved on account of fraud or mistake in the canvass or returns of the votes by the election inspectors may petition for a recount of the votes cast for that office in any precinct or precincts as provided in this chapter.

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What qualifies for a recount?

Some States require an automatic recount when the margin of victory reflected by the canvass of votes falls within a predetermined percentage, such as 0.5 or 1 percent of the vote. A candidate or group of voters may also initiate a recount, as allowed by State law.

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