Often asked: Where To Buy Honey Bees In Wisconsin?

Where can I buy honey bees in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Buying Bees 2020 – Imported Packages, Nucs, and Queens

Distributor Nuc Price
Heritage Honey Bees – Tim Willbanks Sullivan, WI 319-321-2494 https://heritagehoneybee.com X (5 Deep frame) $170.00


When can I order bees in Wisconsin?

Wherever you choose to buy bees from, it’s important that you order them early. You’ll want to order them in the winter so you have a colony lined up for April or May, when you can start with a new hive.

How much does it cost to buy honey bees?

Cost of supplies. As of this writing, a single new hive may cost about $150, clothing and gear may cost about $160, and a package of new bees may run $125 to $150. Often you can find starter kits with bees, boxes, and gear for a better combined price. Read more about beekeeping supplies.

Can you raise bees in Wisconsin?

The State of Wisconsin regulations for beekeeping are as follows: “Chapter ATCP 21.13 Honeybees; import controls. No person may bring bees or beekeeping equipment into the state without first reporting the shipment to the Department.” For more information, check the datcp. wi.gov website.

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When should I order bees?

It is best to order your bees in the winter for shipment in March through May. Sometimes package bees sell out, so avoid problems by ordering early. Find out more about some of the best online bee suppliers who will ship bees to you; many also have bees available for pickup.

Does Fleet Farm sell bees?

Beekeeping Supplies – Honey Bee Equipment – Live Bees For Sale – Fleet Farm.

How far should beehives be from a house?

It is equally as important to think about how your neighbors use their yard, so it is not a good idea to put a hive directly on a property line. Instead, place your hives ten feet or more from the property line.

Do bees know their keeper?

Many feel that the bees truly get to know their keepers. The honey bees have an extremely acute sense of smell, and most recognition of the beekeeper is probably done by detecting odor. However, there are times that honey bees certainly seem to be able to recognize people by their faces.

Do bees remember you?

Bees may have brains the size of poppy seeds, but they’re able to pick out individual features on human faces and recognize them during repeat interactions.

Do you need a permit to keep bees in Wisconsin?

Beekeeping Ordinance. In 2010, the City of Milwaukee passed an ordinance (Chapter 78-6 Milwaukee Code of Ordinances) allowing people to keep up to two colonies of honeybees on private property within the City limits. A permit and inspection is required.

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How do you overwinter bees in Wisconsin?

10 Steps to Wintering Bees to Keep Them Alive (Even If You’re in the Northern Climates)

  1. Move Your Bees. photo by Deviant Art.
  2. Give Them a Wind Breaker.
  3. Don’t be so Stuffy.
  4. Shut the Front Door.
  5. Reduce the Size of the Hive.
  6. Cover Them.
  7. Feed Them.
  8. Don’t Forget About Them.

How do I start a honeybee business?

  1. Obtain zoning and homeowners’ association approvals.
  2. Structure your beekeeping business.
  3. Gather region-specific knowledge from professional beekeeper associations to help you maintain your bee colony.
  4. Order your beekeeping equipment.
  5. Obtain your initial bee colony.
  6. Develop markets for your honey and beeswax.

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