Often asked: Where Is Rock County Wisconsin?

What cities make up Rock County?


  • City of Beloit. Beloit City Hall. 100 State Street.
  • City of Brodhead. Brodhead City Hall. 1111 W.
  • City of Edgerton. Edgerton City Hall. 12 Albion Street.
  • City of Evansville. Evansville City Hall.
  • City of Janesville. Janesville City Hall.
  • City of Milton. Milton City Hall.
  • Town of Avon. Avon Town Hall.
  • Town of Beloit. Beloit Town Hall.

What county is Janesville WI in?

Janesville, city, seat (1839) of Rock county, southern Wisconsin, U.S. It lies on the Rock River, about 15 miles (25 km) north of Beloit and 40 miles (65 km) southeast of Madison.

What is the highest point in Rock County Wisconsin?

Rock County’s highest elevation is 359 meters (1,178 feet) which ranks it 48th in terms of highest elevations when compared to a total of 72 counties in Wisconsin.

Is Janesville WI a small town?

Small – town complex – Extreme south-central Wisconsin at the Illinois border. June, August and September are the most pleasant months in Janesville, while January and December are the least comfortable months.

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What is the sales tax in Rock County WI?

Sales Tax Rate Chart

Rock (53) 5% 5.50%
Rusk (54) 5% 5.50%
St. Croix (55) 5% 5.50%
Sauk (56) 5% 5.50%


How many black people live in Janesville WI?

Janesville Demographics White: 91.74% Two or more races: 2.53% Black or African American: 2.27% Other race: 1.75%

How many parks are in Janesville WI?

Janesville, Wisconsin’s Park Place, offers diverse opportunities with its 2,609 acre system – which includes 64 improved parks. Janesville’s parks are divided into categories that include regional parks, community parks, neighborhood parks, greenbelts and open spaces.

What is the elevation for Janesville Wisconsin?

Geo Janesville – Wisconsin

City Janesville
Zip code 53545
Longitude -89.02 dec. degr.
Latitude 42.68 dec. degr.
Altitude – Elevation 837ft / 255m

What is Beloit Wisconsin famous for?

Beloit was well-known as the center for cigars in Wisconsin. In the 1870s it had more than one hundred cigar makers.

Is Beloit Wisconsin a good place to live?

— The city of Beloit has been named as the worst city to live in in the state of Wisconsin, according to a study done by USA Today. The study referenced rates of violent crime and poverty, as well as home values.

How far is Beloit Wisconsin from Milwaukee?

The total driving distance from Beloit, WI to Milwaukee, WI is 76 miles or 122 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Beloit, WI to Milwaukee, WI is 68 miles. This is equivalent to 109 kilometers or 59 nautical miles.

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What is the highest and lowest point in Wisconsin?

At 595 meters (1951 feet) above sea level, Timms Hill, located in the northern central part of Wisconsin, is the highest point in the state. The state’s lowest elevation is Lake Michigan at 177 meters (581 feet).

Are there any mountains in Wisconsin?

Nevertheless, while Wisconsin is not known for its mountains, it does contain many of the hills of the Superior Upland. Major high points in the state include Timms Hill, Sugarbush Hill, Lookout Mountain, Rib Mountain, Blue Mounds, and Mount Whittlesey.

What city has the highest elevation in Wisconsin?

Timms Hill, Wisconsin, July 2014. Timms Hill or Timm’s Hill, is the highest natural point in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Located in north-central Wisconsin in Timms Hill County Park in the Town of Hill in Price County, Timms Hill has an elevation of 1,951.5 ft (595 m).

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