Often asked: Where Is Ellsworth Wisconsin?

How far is Ellsworth Wisconsin from Minneapolis Minnesota?

There are 41.69 miles from Ellsworth to Minneapolis in northwest direction and 51 miles (82.08 kilometers) by car, following the WI -35 N route.

What county is Ellsworth Wisconsin in?

As the county seat of Pierce County, Ellsworth is proud of its many community celebrations and of its status as the Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.

When was Ellsworth WI founded?

The village was officially platted in 1862, then incorporated in 1887. The village was initially called Perry, in honor of the War of 1812 hero, Oliver Hazard Perry, but was renamed in 1866 in honor of Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth, the first Union officer to die in the Civil War.

Who owns Ellsworth Creamery?

CEO Paul Bauer credits the 300+ dairy farmers that make up the Cooperative for its growth and success. “These farm families are more than just the producers of our milk, they’re the owners of our organization. They have a deep and profound interest in producing products of the highest quality and ensuring our success.

What county is beldenville WI in?

Beldenville is an unincorporated community located in Pierce County, Wisconsin, United States. Beldenville is located on Wisconsin Highway 65 north of Ellsworth. Beldenville has a post office with ZIP code 54003.

What district is Pierce County WI in?

Pierce County is part of the Minneapolis–St. Pierce County, Wisconsin.

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Pierce County
Congressional district 3rd
Website www. co. pierce. wi.us


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