Often asked: What County Is Antigo Wisconsin In?

What is Antigo known for?

Besides lumber, Antigo also boasted rich soils helping to generate a prosperous farming community. Antigo became a hub of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad around the turn of the 20th century serving as an important transport point. With the decline of the timber industry, farmers increasingly turned to dairying.

Is Antigo Wisconsin a good place to live?

The town is of Antigo is a great place for any type of person. It is a nice, warm hearten community with people only looking for the best. It’s a small town but has job opportunities. Not much for night life, except lots of little bars.

How far is Antigo WI from Milwaukee WI?

There are 157.80 miles from Milwaukee to Antigo in northwest direction and 179 miles (288.07 kilometers) by car, following the I-41 and US-41 route. Milwaukee and Antigo are 3 hours 11 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How did Antigo Wisconsin get its name?

The name ” Antigo ” comes from the Ojibwe name for the river that flows through the area, “Nequi- Antigo -sebi” meaning “spring river” or “evergreen.” The city was founded in 1876 by Francis A. Deleglise, accompanied by George Eckart.

When was Antigo WI founded?

Welcome to “Wisconsin’s Great Northwoods” Founded in 1878 by Civil War veterans Francis Deleglise and George Eckart, Antigo was known to local native Americans as “wild woods”, a term still applicable today given the area’s bountiful wild areas.

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