FAQ: Who Won The Ohio State And Wisconsin Game?

Who won the Wisconsin Ohio game?

15 Ohio State beat No. 10 Wisconsin 74-62.

When did Wisconsin beat Ohio State?

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin – Game Summary – October 16, 2010 – ESPN.

Who won the Ohio State football game last night?

3 Ohio State routed No. 13 Wisconsin 38-7 on Saturday.

What was the score of the Ohio State game yesterday?

Ohio State lost to Alabama 52-24 in the 2020-21 College Football Playoff national championship. The Buckeyes were outscored 31-11 over the final 35:20.

Who won the Ohio State Wisconsin football game in 2010?

Clay, Wisconsin ambush top-ranked Ohio State 18 Wisconsin took down No. 1 Ohio State 31-18 Saturday night.

Did the Buckeyes win yesterday?

1 Ohio State Loses, 28-21, to Illinois – Ohio State Buckeyes.

What quarter is Ohio State in?

The Ohio State Quarter is the second quarter to be released in 2002 and the 17th in the 50 State Quarters ™ Program of the United States Mint. Against an outline of the state, the images on the reverse of the quarter honor Ohio’s contributions to aviation.

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Who won the Big 10 championship game 2019?

No. 1 Ohio State beat No. 8 Wisconsin 34–21 to win its third consecutive Big Ten championship title at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday night.

Why is Ohio State ranked so high 2020?

They have yet to play a single ranked opponent. Their strength of schedule is a joke up until these next 2 weeks. They won the national championship last year, brought back most of their team, and havent lost yet.

Why was Ohio State game Cancelled today?

Ohio State canceled the game when additional positive tests for COVID-19 were discovered after a round of polymerase chain reaction testing on Friday afternoon. Head coach Ryan Day was among those who tested positive, the university said earlier Friday. Ohio State did not reveal the identities of the others.

Why was the Ohio State game Cancelled?

During the afternoon, the school announced that Ohio State coach Ryan Day and several players had tested positive for the coronavirus. In a statement, the university said the game is cancelled officially “after further positive tests for the coronavirus were discovered after a round of PCR testing this afternoon.”

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