FAQ: Where Is Sparta Wisconsin?

How far is Sparta Wisconsin from Madison Wisconsin?

Distance from Sparta, WI to Madison, WI There are 92.88 miles from Sparta to Madison in southeast direction and 116 miles (186.68 kilometers) by car, following the I-90 route.

Where in Wisconsin is Sparta?

Sparta is a city in and the county seat of Monroe County, Wisconsin, United States, along the La Crosse River. The population was 9,522 at the 2010 census.

Sparta, Wisconsin
Sparta, Wisconsin Location of Sparta, Wisconsin
Coordinates: 43°56′35″N 90°48′42″WCoordinates: 43°56′35″N 90°48′42″W
Country United States


How far is Sparta WI from Kenosha WI?

There are 177.41 miles from Kenosha to Sparta in northwest direction and 218 miles (350.84 kilometers) by car, following the I-94 W route. Kenosha and Sparta are 3 hours 22 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

What is Sparta Wi known for?

Once known for the healing powers of the local artesian springs, Sparta is now most recognized as the “Bicycling Capital of America,” based on the fact that the first rail bed to be converted to bike trails is between Elroy and Sparta.

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When was Sparta founded?

The history of the “pioneer Anglo community” of Sparta really begins in 1849 with the construction of a military or state road by the United States Army from Prarie du Chein to Hudson or Lake St. Croix.

How far is Wisconsin from the ocean?

If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Wisconsin to Ocean Acres, It takes 1.43 hours to arrive. Wisconsin Distances to Cities.

Wisconsin Distance
Distance from Wisconsin to Washington 1,121 km

How long does it take to cross Wisconsin?

A single crossing takes about seven minutes.

How far is Kenosha WI from the Illinois border?

Kenosha is also near the Illinois state border; Chicago in Illinois is 66.4 miles or 106.9 kilometers away. Kenosha Summary: The coordinates for Kenosha are 42.584742 -87.8211854.

Why is Sparta Wisconsin the bicycle capital of the world?

Sparta, Wisconsin is the Bicycling Capital of America with the first Rails to Trails Program in the country in which old railroad tracks were converted in to bike trails. Historians generally agree that Baron Karl von Drais of Germany made the first prototype that evolved into the bicycle we have today.

What is there to do in Sparta Mississippi?

  • Burgess Falls State Park. 464.
  • Virgin Falls State Natural Area. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Waterfalls.
  • Calfkiller Brewing Company. Breweries.
  • Sparta Rock House. Historic Sites.
  • Northfield Vineyards Winery. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Sunset Rock Overlook. Lookouts.
  • Happy Trails Brewing Company.
  • White County Heritage Museum.

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