FAQ: Where Is Horicon Wisconsin?

How far is Horicon WI from Milwaukee WI?

The distance between Milwaukee and Horicon is 47 miles.

Where is Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin?

Horicon Marsh is a marsh located in northern Dodge and southern Fond du Lac counties of Wisconsin. It is the site of both a national and a state wildlife refuge. The silted-up glacial lake is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. Horicon Marsh.

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Reference no. 511


Is Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin open?

Phone: 920-387-2658 Refuge public use areas are open daily from dawn to dusk.

Can you swim in the Horicon Marsh?

Horicon is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Activities include hiking, biking, auto tours, fishing, boating, paddling, swimming, hunting and golf.

What is the largest freshwater marsh in the United States?

The largest freshwater marsh in the United States is the Florida Everglades.

How did Horicon Wisconsin get its name?

Origin of Horicon, Wisconsin Translated from the Mohican word meaning, “clear” or “pure water.” So called from the original name of Lake George, New York, which was Lake Horicon. Named by William Larabee in 1846, a pioneer of Hubbard’s Rapids.

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Who founded Horicon?

That’s all it took for Donald Miescke of Horicon to fulfill his dream of writing a book, “ Horicon Marsh History.” The 258-page book, with 332 pictures, came out in print in September.

Can you kayak in Horicon Marsh?

Paddling is allowed in the state portion of the marsh only. The Horicon National Wildlife Refuge is closed.

How big is the Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin?

At over 33,000 acres in size, Horicon Marsh is one of the largest freshwater marshes in the United States.

Can you hunt Horicon Marsh?

The northern portion (20,924 acres) is owned by the federal government and is known as the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge or federal refuge. Waterfowl hunting is only allowed on the state area. No waterfowl hunting is allowed on the federal refuge.

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