FAQ: When To Start Seeds Indoors Wisconsin?

When should I plant seeds in Wisconsin?

  • for Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • In Late March or Early April, sow seeds indoors of:
  • In Mid- to Late April, sow seeds indoors of:
  • In Late April, sow seeds directly into the garden of:
  • In Early May,
  • transplant plants into the garden of:
  • In Mid-May, sow seeds directly into the garden of:

When should I plant seeds indoors for spring?

When to Start Seeds Indoors As a general rule, most annual vegetables should be sown indoors about six weeks before the last frost in your area.

What seeds can I start indoors in April?

Sow cantaloupe, pumpkins, and squash late in the month. Plant now okra, asparagus beans, Malabar spinach, cherry tomatoes, sunflowers. Plant and cage tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Indoors continue to sow tomatoes, runner beans, and cucumbers.

When should I start my seeds indoors chart?

Seed-Starting Date Calculator

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Crop Number of weeks to start seeds before setting-out date
Safe time to set out plants (relative to frost-free date)
Lettuce 4 to 5 3 to 4 weeks before
Melons 3 to 4 2 weeks after
Mustard* 4 to 6 4 weeks before


What is the best way to start seeds indoors?

How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors

  1. Purchase your seeds from a trusted source.
  2. Pot with seed- starting mix.
  3. Make sure your containers have drainage holes.
  4. Plant seeds at the proper depth.
  5. After sowing, set the containers in a warm location.
  6. Keep seed- starting mix moist.
  7. As soon as seedlings emerge, place pots in a bright location.

What planting zone is Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has three cold hardiness zones – Zone 3 (Northwestern WI), Zone 4 (North, Central, Western WI) and Zone 5 (Southern and eastern WI up past Green Bay and Apostle Islands).

How do you start seeds indoors with paper towels?

Paper Towel Germination

  1. Tear a paper towel in half and moisten one of the halves.
  2. Place four or five seeds on half of the paper and fold the other half over the seeds.
  3. Blow open a clear, sandwich size zip-close bag.
  4. Place the paper with seeds inside and reseal the bag.

Is it too late to start seeds indoors?

No, it’s not too late. You can start seeds year-round. It depends on what you would like to accomplish after planting your seeds. There is short-season gardening, hydroponic growing, indoor gardening, jump- start growing to have huge plants to transplant in spring, etc.

How do you start seeds in egg cartons?

An easy solution is to cut off the container lid and put it under the bottom of the carton. Poke holes in the bottom of each egg cup and any moisture will drain out and into the lid underneath. Fill each egg cup with potting soil and place seeds in to the appropriate depth.

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What is the cheapest way to start seeds indoors?

My Personal Frugal Tips to Start Seeds:

  1. Use leftover plastic garden containers you previously bought flowers in.
  2. Egg cartons are a great way to start seeds indoors.
  3. Label your containers.
  4. Use Yoplait Kids Plastic Cups/ or any other item in your kitchen to start your seeds indoors.

Is April too late for seeds?

April is the best time to plant most of your vegetable seeds after your last frost for all zones. It’s still not too late to plant tomatoes and peppers from seeds as well! Check out the below vegetables that can be started in April. Be sure to check your gardening zone for last frost dates.

Is April too late to plant tomato seeds?

Sow seed indoors around the middle of March to the end of April if you intend to grow your tomatoes outside. For growing in a cold greenhouse, seeds may be sown at the end of February – indoors of course!

What do I do after my seeds sprout?

Once the seeds have sprouted, remove the cover. When the seedlings are young, you may want to re-cover them for a few hours a day to keep them from drying out. Over many years of growing my own plants, one thing that really helped me out was using a turkey baster to water the young seedlings.

What seeds should be soaked before planting?

also have seeds that should be nicked and soaked to encourage faster germination. Other common garden seeds that appreciate a soak are those of basil, beets, chard, corn, and squashes. Some folks also presoak tomato and pepper seeds. Presoaking can also be educational.

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When should I start seeds in Zone 5b?

If that option is not available to you, or you prefer to start seeds in the ground, May 30 is your date for zone 5 seed starting. May 30 is a ball park date. If your area is exposed, high in the mountains, or tends to get frost pockets late into the season, you will need to adjust your planting time.

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